Hoop Skirts Bum Rolls and Bustles

If your historical or fantasy outfit features a skirt or dress, give it the proper shape of your chosen era with our hoop skirts, bum rolls, and bustles. Essential for many medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, and Baroque fashions, we carry everything from petticoats and panniers to cage skirts and pettiskirts that go well with steampunk, goth, and other alternative fashion dresses. Add stylish volume to full skirts and gowns with our A-line petticoat, or go all out with our impressive Civil War hoop skirts. Our layered, organza, and mesh petticoats bring volume and a touch of vintage charm to shorter, more modern styles as well. When you choose to wear a dress or skirt, be sure you wear it to its full potential with the proper underskirts, hoop skirts, and petticoats here.


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