Girl’s A-Line Petticoat


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The Girl’s A-Line Petticoat is designed to complement any one of our girls A-line dresses. This petticoat will create the perfect shape for your little girls dresses and can be worn under gowns and skirts to create a period-authentic look. This petticoat is hand-made and consists of three individual layers. The first, outer-most layer consists of smooth satin. The second layer consists of tulle, while the third, inner-most layer is soft cotton lining, which keeps the tulle from scratching against skin. The Girl’s A-Line Petticoat is sized for children, but made in the same fashion as our womens petticoat. Give your little girl one of these petticoats. In her newly shaped medieval or renaissance dresses, she will look just like an actual princess.

Key Features:

  • Consists of Three Layers of Fabric
  • Gives Dresses and Gowns a Nice Umbrella Shape
  • Great for Medieval Reenactments and Renaissance Fairs
  • Sized for Children


  • Small: 27 Inch Chest, 24 Inch Waist, 32 Inch Skirt/Pant Length, 13 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 50 Inch Body Height
  • Medium: 29 Inch Chest, 26 Inch Waist, 35 Inch Skirt/Pant Length, 14 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 58 Inch Body Height
  • Large: 31 Inch Chest, 28 Inch Waist, 40 Inch Skirt/Pant Length, 15 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 64 Inch Body Height
  • X-Large: 33 Inch Chest, 30 Inch Waist, 32 Inch Skirt/Pant Length, 16 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder, 68 Inch Body Height


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