Floor Length Womens Petticoat


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When a skirt needs a bit more fullness and body, this Floor Length Womens Petticoat is the perfect accessory to have in your closet. This undergarment adds layering to your look, which makes it great for giving shape to your skirt and cold weather wear. The petticoat is made from a cotton and poly-cotton fabric blend to ensure that it is both light and comfortable. It features two layers of stiffener at the hem as well, to allow any garment worn over it to hang correctly. And the addition of an adjustable waistband makes sizing the petticoat easy too. For the medieval maiden who wants some shaping for her dress, this Floor Length Womens Petticoat is an absolute must-have addition to the wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Made from cotton and poly-cotton blend fabric
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Deep double layer of stiffener lets any skirt or dress hang correctly
  • Perfect for adding body and shaping to any full length dress or skirt
  • Has an adjustable waist band

Waist Overall Length
One Size 25-45 inches 40 inches


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