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Michael Tinker Pearce uses his 30 plus years of experience with swords when crafting his products, easily showing why he is considered one of the pre-eminent sword makers in the world with the quality of his weapons. He was one of the first to study the structure and engineering of historical swords, allowing him to incorporate authentic weight and balance in his pieces – traits that have become new industry standards. His writing on sword reproduction has also been published in numerous articles and in his book, The Medieval Sword in the Modern World. We carry a fine assortment of his battle ready swords, available in sharpened and blunted versions, and replacement sword blades. We offer historical sword designs such as bastard swords, longswords, greatswords, Viking swords, and other medieval swords. Crafted from marquenched spring steel, these pieces make excellent sparring swords, cutting tools, or training weapons. When you need a sword with excellent utility, consider the impressive weapons that you will find here.


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