Replacement Blade for Tinker Blunt Longsword

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When you are a skilled warrior, you may wear out your sword blade. Replace your blade with the Replacement Blade for Tinker Blunt Longsword. Made from 5160 spring steel, this functional replacement blade has blunt edges and a rounded tip. A fuller runs down its length. Its quenched edges have a hardness of 50-53 HRC. Its full-length tang has a hardness in the low 30s HRC.

The end of the tang is threaded. This allows it to fit into an allen nut recessed into the pommel of Tinker Pearce swords, sold separately. Together, the threaded assembly allows the user to inspect the hilt or exchange blades out if needed. This blade works with the Tinker Pearce Longswords only.

Overall, this replacement blade allows for a swordsman to simply replace their blade rather than having to buy a new sword. It is great for practicing your sword skills.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a blunted blade
  • Replacement for Blunt Tinker Longsword
  • Forged from 5160 Spring Steel
  • Great option to replace worn or broken blades instead of buying a new sword
  • Made by Hanwei.


  • Blade Length: 35 Inches


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