Replacement Blade for Tinker Sharp Bastard Sword with Fuller


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The blade is a crucial part of any sword, which makes the Replacement Blade for Tinker Sharp Bastard Sword with Fuller a great option to increase the longevity of your sword. Consider this option in place of buying a new sword. Each replacement blade is forged from 5160 Spring Steel, marquenched to the desired hardness of 50-53 HRC while the tang is drawn back to the low 30s HRC. The very end of the tang is threaded to fit an Allen nut recessed into the pommel which allows for dismantling of the hilt assembly for inspection or to exchange blades if needed. This sharp replacement blade will enable owners of the Tinker Pearce Blunt Bastard sword (SH2400) to convert to a cutting sword quickly and easily. The replacement blade is designed to work with the Tinker Bastard swords only.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Features a sharpened blade
  • Replacement blade for Sharp Tinker Bastard sword
  • Forged from 5160 Spring Steel
  • Great option to replace worn or broken blades instead of buying a new sword
  • Made by Hanwei.


  • Blade Length: 33.375 Inches


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