Whether you are a martial artist, fencer, reenactor, or collector, you will find many excellent battle ready weapons from Hanwei here that you can enjoy. In association with CAS Iberia, Hanwei produces some of the finest functional blades in the world in various Japanese and European designs. We carry many of these pieces, including high carbon steel katana, wakizashi, tanto, naginata, and other quality Japanese weapons. We offer many functional broadswords, backswords, Viking swords, axe replicas, bastard swords, spearheads, fencing swords, and claymores to represent the fantastic weapons of Europe, as well. Show off and care for your functional weapons with our sword hangers, display stands, sword oil, sword cases, and maintenance kits. Finally, we also provide several stunning helmets in modeled after the traditional headwear of famous samurai, as well as fencing masks for duels. No matter what kind of blade you are looking for, be sure to spend at least a moment perusing the selection here in this category!


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