Functional Steel Gauntlets

Every warrior knows how important their arms are, but keeping your hands safe is another matter entirely. Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide selection of functional steel gauntlets. This ensures that when you need it, you know where you can find a good selection of steel-plated gloves that will keep your hands quite safe and secure. As the name of the category suggests, our gauntlets are all made from steel and provide more than adequate protection for your hands. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from shined metal that gleams like a knight under the sun, to blackened steel that fits the darkest of warriors. Gauntlets themselves also come in two distinct types. One is a mitten-style gauntlet that has a shell-like design that protects the fingers, while the other features separated fingers that allow your hand a wider degree of movement. Gauntlets pair up quite nicely with other suits of armor, both in terms of look and protection. Of course, as protective as they are, you do not have to wear them as armor, but rather, you can enjoy them for the look they provide, as steel gauntlets do tend to look rather awesome, especially when they are paired with existing pieces of armor and traditional medieval looks. If you just like the look of the functional steel gauntlets here at Dark Knight Armoury, then you are not alone, so pick up a pair before they are all gone, to ensure that you always look your best and that you are always fully armored when you head into battle.
14th Century Articulated Gauntlets
The 14th Century Articulated Gauntlets are great for protecting your hands while maintaining dexterity during light historic reenactment combat. These 16 gauge steel gauntlets resemble those seen throughout the 1300s and 1400s.
Price: $168.00
14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets
The 14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets feature an hourglass-shaped cuff that helps protect the wrist and back of the hand. Several plates guard each of the fingers, which include leather rings to help keep them in place when worn.
Price: $157.00
15th Century Decorated German Gauntlets
Steel gauntlets serve as an essential piece of medieval armour, protecting the fingers and hands of a warrior. The 15th Century Decorated German Gauntlets feature excellent style and functionality, covering fingertip to wrist.
Price: $284.00
15th Century German Gauntlets
Add some finesse to your historic battle style with the 15th Century German Gauntlets. Handcrafted from 18 gauge steel, the curving edges of each metal segment are an elegant yet subtle detail suitable for the noblest of knights.
Price: $204.00
15th Century German Style Gauntlets with Brass
Any knight in his right mind uses steel gauntlets to protect his fingers from the blows of his opponent. The 15th Century German Style Gauntlets with Brass serve as a complex yet beautiful addition to any set of plate armour.
Price: $238.00
15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets
Offering excellent protection for historical re-enactments, the 15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets have great flexibility with the articulated wrist and fingers. A leather glove provides additional protection and comfort.
Price: $189.00
15th Century Mitten Gauntlet
The 15th Century Mitten Gauntlets are modeled on hand armour used during the second quarter of the 1400s and beyond. The steel gauntlets were often used by infantry who wanted to protect their hands when wielding pikes and halberds.
Price: $112.00
Articulated Gauntlets
The Articulated Gauntlets are so flexible that you can make a fist while wearing them! This characteristic enables swift movement and more agility in handling weaponry. They prove to be an essential for the noble medieval knight.
Price: $172.00
Articulated Steel Gauntlets
In many ways, a warriors hands are their lifeblood. They will live and die by how effective their hands wield weapons in battle. With these Articulated Steel Gauntlets, your hands will be well protected, so they can continue to protect you.
Price: $152.00
Balthasar Gauntlets
Extending up to the forearm, the Balthasar Gauntlets offer essential protection when it comes to LARP or other historical reenactments. Made of polished steel, these expertly crafted gauntlets are made of eight separate pieces.
Price: $71.00
Black Hourglass Gauntlets
Your squire slips the Black Hourglass Gauntlets over your hands, adjusting them to be comfortable and snug. Their effective and striking design allows them to withstand and deflect attacks that make it beyond your swords crossguard.
Price: $197.00
Black Ice Gauntlets
A good pair of gauntlets will do more than just keep your hands safe, even during the hectic chaos of battle. These Black Ice Gauntlets possess a distinctive fantasy style, as well as a level of protection that is difficult to beat.
Price: $197.00
Blackened Balthasar Gauntlets
Add the Blackened Balthasar Gauntlets to your medieval reenactment and LARP outfits for a touch of dark style. The gauntlets cover both the hands and part of the forearms, making these the ideal items for protecting those parts.
Price: $80.00
Blackened Markward Gauntlets
Perfectly suited for all manner of dark warlords, the Blackened Markward Gauntlets offer great hand and wrist protection. Featuring integrated cuffs, these 16 gauge steel gauntlets are made of six pieces for full wrist rotation.
Price: $80.00
Blackened Markward Short Gauntlets
The Blackened Markward Short Gauntlets are the perfect finishing touch to any dark LARP outfit or medieval inspired armour ensemble. The gauntlets are made of 16 gauge blackened steel and feature a six piece construction.
Price: $51.00
Churberg Hourglass Gauntlets
It should come as no surprise that, in a medieval bout, people will be watching your hands. After all, your hands are wielding your weapon. These Churberg Hourglass Gauntlets are an effective defender that adds detail to your hands.
Price: $225.00
Churburg Gauntlets
These gauntlets are some of the finest available and are made to complement the Armour of Churburg (AB0072). The gauntlets are believed to have been made in Milan by armorers of the Missiglian family during the 14th century.
Price: $175.00
ConQuest Undead Gauntlets
Your LARP role as an eternal warrior of the Bone Queen is incomplete without the ConQuest Undead Gauntlets. Protect your hands from unnecessary injury when joining the ranks of the Undead Flesh with this pair of armored gloves.
Price: $207.00
Darkened Rondel Hand Protection
The Darkened Rondel Hand Protection assists the LARP warrior in avoiding injury to the hands and fingers during battle. Wield your sword with confidence and deflect the blows of your enemy by combining these bucklers with gauntlets.
Price: $35.00
Epic Dark Bazuband
If demi-gaunts are not enough and gauntlets are too much, equip yourself with something in between! The Epic Dark Bazuband makes an effective and elegant compromise between freedom of movement and protection.
Price: $84.00
Epic Dark Hourglass Demi Gauntlets
Do not compromise maneuverability when you pick out your plate armour. Made from galvanized mild steel, the Epic Dark Hourglass Demi Gauntlets keep your fingers nimble while protecting your wrist and the back of your hand.
Price: $88.00
Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets

Not all armor is made to complete the image of a knight in shining armor, and these Gothic Fantasy Gauntlets are proof of that. Rich in detail and design, these gauntlets echo the look of hand guards for the most nefarious of villains.

Price: $540.00
Gothic Gauntlets
These Gothic Gauntlets are a product of German design, possessing a style that pairs them nicely with the gothic armor that the Holy Roman Empire was known for. Not only are they impressive to see, but they are also functional.
Price: $225.00
Hourglass Demi Gauntlets
Wield your sword without hindrance by choosing the best pieces of plate armour for your style of fighting. The Hourglass Demi Gauntlets keeps your fingers nimble while protecting your wrist and the back of your hand.
Price: $79.00
Hourglass Gauntlets
In a swordfight, if you lose your hand, defeat is all but inevitable. That is why you must protect your hands at all costs. The Hourglass Gauntlets are essential for medieval combat and must-haves for creating armoured looks.
Price: $133.00
Knights Steel Manifer
Sometimes, your sword or shield arm just needs that extra bit of defense. This Knights Steel Manifer is a perfect piece of armor to own when you just need the protection for one arm, while keeping your other hand free for use.
Price: $72.00
Medieval Gauntlets

A good pair of gauntlets will serve any warrior well by not only keeping their hands protected, but by also enhancing their overall look. And these Medieval Gauntlets are some of the best that any warrior could ask for!

Price: $540.00
Medieval Gauntlets
More-so than his weapons, a warriors hands were his tools, as they allowed him to deftly wield weapons in battle. These Medieval Gauntlets were designed to provide protection to the hands, while leaving dexterity intact.
Price: $225.00
Medieval Gauntlets
These Medieval gauntlets are crafted in 16 gauge steel and provided with hand straps, they are intended to be worn over gloved or mittened hands. Our steel gauntlets are fully articulated and weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.
Price: $165.00
Medieval Mitton Gauntlets
The hand is particularly vulnerable in close-quarters combat, and so the medieval gauntlet became an important piece of armor. Medieval Mitton Gauntlets, like these, were of use to warriors who wanted their hands to remain protected.
Price: $203.00
Milanese Gauntlets
Made to protect the hands, these gauntlets are designed to be used with the upper arm protection AB0066 and are a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour AB0063. These steel gauntlets were produced in Italy throughout the 15th century.
Price: $139.00
Mitten Gauntlets
These Mitten Gauntlets provide knights with the much needed protection their hands require during battle. Featuring classic medieval style, these gauntlets are made up of several riveted segments for dexterity of the wrists and hands.
Price: $120.00
Polished Steel Bazuband
If demi-gaunts are not enough and gauntlets are too much, equip yourself with something in between! The Polished Steel Bazuband makes an effective and elegant compromise between freedom of movement and protection.
Price: $74.00
Ratio Gauntlets
The Ratio Gauntlets are a set of steel gloves designed to provide maximum protection in combat without compromising maneuverability. Covering knuckles to the forearm, these gauntlets will help to keep you safe in battle.
Price: $119.00
Red Hourglass Gauntlets
Guard your hands in something a bit more regal than your standard gauntlet. The Red Hourglass Gauntlets, made of 19 gauge steel, are coated in red colored leather and adorned with brass rivets for an impressive and unique look.
Price: $197.00
Scouts Gauntlets
Guard your hands while out defending the kingdom or adventuring. The Scouts Gauntlets provide both great mobility and protection, made of 19 gauge mild steel with a slightly thicker steel plate further defending the wrist joint.
Price: $54.00
Steel Churburg Gauntlets
Stay protected during battle, even down to your fingertips, with the Steel Churburg Gauntlets. These short gauntlets are articulated, so each digit is covered with a series of metal plates connected to an hourglass style cuff.
Price: $165.00
Steel Gauntlets
Virtually every piece of armor had some importance to a warrior, although the gauntlets had a special significance. After all, Steel Gauntlets are ideally suited for protecting the hands without limiting their range of movement.
Price: $225.00
Steel Half Gauntlets
Not all medieval gauntlets were flexible and jointed. After all, joints were the weakest point of an armor. These Steel Half Gauntlets eliminate that weakness, and instead, feature solid construction that helps to keep your hands safe.
Price: $126.00
Steel Markward Gauntlets
The Steel Markward Gauntlets come in an elongated design with an integrated cuff that provides extra protection to the forearm of the wearer. The steel gauntlets display a bright metal finish that goes great with other steel armour.
Price: $71.00
Steel Markward Short Gauntlets
Offering unrestricted wrist movement, the Steel Markward Short Gauntlets are each constructed with six pieces of 16 gauge polished steel. Highly versatile in their style, wear these gauntlets with almost any other suit of armour.
Price: $40.00
Steel Mitten Gauntlets
When you want the best protection for your hands, these Steel Mitten Gauntlets are the way to go. A hardy design provides increased protection for the hand, allowing you to shrug off strikes that would stop a less-armored warrior.
Price: $321.00
Steel Rondel Hand Protection
If you want your enemy to drop their weapon, hit them on their hands! But then, your enemy probably knows that trick, so you should get some Steel Rondel Hand Protection, that way they cannot hurt your hands and disarm you.
Price: $310.00

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