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Whether discovered in an ancient treasure hoard or passed down from warrior to warrior, the Notched Vikings LARP Sword makes a legendary addition to Norse LARP kits. With its Norse inspired style, this historical LARP sword has notches on the blade to create the look of a trusted, battle tested weapon. It suits powerful Viking jarls, vicious Valkyries, shieldmaidens, berserkers, and more.

Ateliers Nemesis Athena LARP Construction:

This Norse LARP sword is part of the Athena line from Ateliers Nemesis. Thermoforming fuses the closed cell foam of the blade together, making this Viking LARP weapon ultra safe and shred-resistant.

This sturdy foam blade surrounds a strong fiberglass core which is in turn reinforced with a high weave polyester similar to Kevlar for heightened safety. This means the steel colored LARP sword blade is both very safe and strong enough to parry blows.

A unique weighting system then gives this LARP sword a point of balance for natural maneuverability. You will feel just like you are wielding the real thing, simply made safe for LARP. Finally, a latex-free waterproof coating protects the Nordic LARP weapon, enhancing its durability.

Weapon Details:

Specially crafted to look like an ancient weapon of legend, the notches and subtle dark wash to the steel colored blade give it that battle seasoned look. This broad Viking longsword blade has a wide fuller that tapers to a point. Then, the blade shape transitions to a diamond cross-section, giving it a central ridge that goes all the way to the tip of the blade.

While this LARP sword looks just right in the hands of a berserker, it has an element of intricate detail that makes it a treasure to any warrior. Gorgeous Borre knotwork looks as though it has been carved into the grip of this LARP Viking sword.

The short guard is based on historical styles, with just the hint of curved arms angling towards the blade. An antiqued bronze coloration adds to its legendary look and is matched by the lobed Viking sword pommel.

Whether playing the role of treasured mythical weapon, a clan heirloom, or the battle-tested blade of a seasoned warrior, this Nordic LARP sword is a must-have for all Viking LARP kits. This wide blade Viking LARP sword is ready to intimidate your foes as you slash it through the battlefield.

Pairs Well With:

For the perfect off-hand weapon, add the matching Notched Viking LARP Seax (AN-0032) to your Viking LARP kit!

Made by Nemesis Workshops INC.

Key Features:

  • Heightened durability and detail
  • Weighted handle provides a realistic point of balance
  • Soft, reinforced tip for safety
  • Based on traditional samurai swords
  • Perfect for Eastern inspired LARP settings


  • Blade is made of a closed cell cross-linked EVA copolymer memory foam
  • Has an interior fiberglass rod at its core with a complex weave polyester fiber reinforcement

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soapy water, then allow to dry. Use a silicone-based coating, like our 100 ml LARP Protection Gel Silicone (MCI-3722) to prevent premature wear. Do not store underneath heavy objects. Avoid excessive heat, cold, or prolonged exposure to the sun.

Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade WidthGuard WidthBlade ThicknessPoint of BalanceWeight
One Size40 inches31.9 inches6.3 inches2.6 inches4.7 inches1.1 inches6.7 inches from Hilt1.1 pounds


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