Viborg Tunic


At an 11th-to-14th-Century Viking settlement in Sonderso, Denmark, archaeologists found what is believed to be the only existing piece of everyday Viking wear. The Viborg Tunic replicates this garment with stunning accuracy. This loose cotton shirt has long sleeves for warmth, and its hem ends just above the knee, with slits at either side to allow for easy movement. Its front, as in the original tunic, is designed with an overlapping square at the neck and two ribbons for tying. The Viborg Tunic comes in natural color, and it makes superb wear at Renaissance fairs or medieval reenactments, particularly those with elements of Norse culture.

Key Features:

  • Based on the tunic found at Sonderso, Denmark
  • Fits loosely over the body for comfort and flexibility
  • Has an overlapping front with ribbons for tying
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs or medieval reenactments


  • Made from 100% cotton

Chest Waist
Small 36.61-38.19 inches 31.5-32.28 inches
Medium 39.76-41.34 inches 35.43-36.22 inches
Large 42.91-44.49 inches 37.8-38.58 inches
X-Large 46.06-47.64 inches 42.52-43.31 inches
XX-Large 49.21-50.79 inches 47.24-48.03 inches
XXX-Large 52.36-53.94 inches 51.18-51.97 inches


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