The Chieftain Dane-Axe


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Unleash the valor of the Norsemen with The Chieftain Dane-Axe, a towering tribute to the fearsome warriors of legend. Nearly four feet of historical reverence, this Dane-Axe is a testament to the craftsmanship inspired by the epic Norse sagas. The axe is available in both a sharpened and an unsharpened version, offering a choice for enthusiasts, collectors, and historical reenactors.

Expertly forged to capture the spirit of a bygone era, the fan-shaped blade is constructed from high-carbon steel, strong enough to withstand the most rigorous of reenactments. Each swing and hit resonates with the assurance of durability and strength typical of the tools wielded by the Viking chieftains of lore.

The blade itself is more than just a functional feat; it is a canvas of artistry. Adorning the black steel is an intricately inscribed design that stands in powerful contrast – a ferocious wolf formed through traditional knotwork detailing. This awe-inspiring emblem embodies the might and cunning symbolic of Norse mythology.

Torque and Reach

Bearing a nearly 4-foot straight hardwood haft, The Chieftain Dane-Axe offers an unmatched torque and reach, granting the wielder a palpable advantage in reenactments. Every hefty stride and powerful thrust is amplified by the superb leverage provided by its length.

Cradle the axe with the same confidence as the warriors of old, thanks to the leather strips that crisscross along the haft, ensuring a sturdy and comfortable grip. The tactile sensation of leather merging with wood allows for a profound connection to history with every touch.

A Collectors Pride

Beyond the battlefield, The Chieftain Dane-Axe stands as a formidable piece for collectors. Whether poised on a wall or displayed prominently in a collection, the stirring silhouette of this Dane-Axe is assured to ignite conversation and admiration for the valiant ages past.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, collector, or participant in historical reenactments, The Chieftain Dane-Axe delivers an authentic slice of Viking legacy. Own not just a tool, but a symbol of Norse valor and artistry.

Key Features:

  • High-Carbon Steel Blade: The heart of The Chieftain Dane-Axe is its fan-shaped blade, made from high-carbon steel. This ensures the axe is not only visually stunning but also incredibly durable and capable of withstanding extensive use.
  • Intricate Knotwork Design: The black steel blade is adorned with an intricate wolf motif, achieved through traditional Norse knotwork.
  • Extended Reach: With a nearly 4-foot hardwood haft, the axe offers exceptional torque and reach. This design feature enhances its effectiveness in reenactments, giving the wielder a striking advantage.
  • Leather-Wrapped Haft: The haft is wrapped in leather strips, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip. This thoughtful addition enhances control over the axe, making it a pleasure to wield.
  • Display Worthy: The Chieftain Dane-Axe is more than a weapon; it is a stunning work of art representing the Viking Age spirit, cherished by collectors and history enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Sharpening Options: The Chieftain Dane-Axe caters to diverse needs with sharpened and unsharpened versions. This flexibility lets owners select the axe that suits their intended use best.


  • Blade is high carbon steel
  • Haft is hardwood


  • Overall Length: 47 Inches
  • Axe Head Width: 9 Inches
  • Edge Length: 12 Inches
  • Weight: 4 Pounds 12 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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