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Fight for your medieval kingdom with some great style by wielding the Templar Knight Sword against your enemies in battle. Made from 5160 high-carbon steel, this functional sword has a double-edged blade with a fuller running down most of its length. The sword then has a solid steel, cruciform crossguard. It continues with a wooden grip. Black leather wraps around the grip. The full-tang weapon ends with an octagonal pommel. It features a dark red Templar cross. This medieval sword comes with a matching black wooden scabbard. This Crusader sword is ideal for historical reenactments. Add the Templar Knight Sword to your armoury.

The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II with the dual goals of liberating the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslims and freeing the Eastern Christians from Muslim rule. The Second Crusade was launched in 1147 under the Kings Louis VII and Conrad III respectively, but failed to win any major victories, launching a failed pre-emptive siege of Damascus, an independent city that would soon fall into the hands of Nur ad-Din, the main enemy of the Crusaders. The Third Crusade was issued by Gregory VIII in 1187 after Jerusalem had been recaptured by the armies of Islam under Saladin. Philip and Richard with their armies, departing only in July 1190, crossed the sea and landed at Acre, where they joined the siege, and the city surrendered in July 1191. Philip departed for France, leaving Richard in control. The terms of the surrender of Acre included a prisoner exchange and the return, by Saladin, of the True Cross, which he had captured with Jerusalem in 1187.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Includes scabbard
  • Features a cross on the pommel
  • Full tang construction
  • Great for reenactments


  • Made of 5160 high-carbon steel
  • Guard and pommel are solid steel
  • Scabbard and handle are wood wrapped in leather
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthPoint of BalanceWeight
One Size43 inches34.5 inches8.5 inches5 inches3 pounds 1.4 ounces


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