Taurus the Bull Masquerade Mask


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Taurus the Bull, the second astrological sign, is often viewed as stubborn and ruthless, but this zodiac is the epitome of passion. By wearing the Taurus the Bull Masquerade Mask, your masquerade garb will evolve from fair to fiery! Crafted using high-quality lightweight plastics, this zodiac masquerade mask hosts exceptional detail that gives this astrological sign an out of this world flair! A dark bronze, almost black hue acts as the base color, accentuated by sleek golden accents that transcend mortal style. The livid expression on his skeletal face depicts his passionate demeanor, the telltale horns pointed down in wrathful imagery. Delicate polyester lace appliques adorn his head and horns for a regal air that illustrates his position as one of the zodiacs. Transforming into this powerful creature is no issue thanks to the unique eyeglass arms, making it as easy to wear as your favorite pair of shades! No matter if you are embracing your astrological sign or dressing up for an event, no mask will exude the passion of the zodiac quite like the Taurus the Bull Masquerade Mask!

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the modern zodiac
  • Crafted using high-quality materials
  • Stunning details add an air of majesty
  • Worn over the ears like glasses
  • Excellent for masquerades, stage plays, Halloween, and more


  • Mask, Horns, Glasses Arms, and Simulated Gemstones Crafted from High-Quality Plastics
  • Accented with Polyester Lace Appliques


  • One size fits most adults and older teens.


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