Costume Masks

A mask is often just what you need to begin or finish a transformation. To that end, we carry quality latex masks that are great for Halloween, parties, LARP events, roleplaying, and more. Ranging in style, we offer a number of different masks to fit a variety of genres, ensuring that you can change yourself into almost anything. For horror fans, we offer monster masks inspired by zombies, vampires, demons, werewolves, aliens, and more. We also offer more medieval styled masks, allowing you to easily add a touch of history to your knightly costume. We also offer some licensed masks from blockbuster movies like The Hobbit trilogy, World War Z, and the Resident Evil series. We even offer some latex and vinyl gas masks, to help enhance apocalypse, steampunk, and military costumes! All of our masks are made in quality latex and vinyl, and most are offered in one size, which can be padded, pinched, or cut in the back to help adjust sizing. If you need to transform yourself, nothing gets the change done faster than a quality mask purchased from us.


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