Synthetic Bastard Sword

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When it comes to educating yourself on swordplay and practicing its techniques, a good training sword is a must-have. And if you seek to learn the versatile ways of the hand-and-a-half sword, than this Synthetic Bastard Sword is the one for you! Rugged and durable, this training weapon is an excellent sparring and training weapon, possessed of good weight and balance, while also being relatively safe to use when it comes to practicing European swordplay. The weapon is made entirely out of black polypropylene, a material that is very hard to damage. The blade has straight edges with a broad tip, while its straight guard provides excellent defense for the hands. True to its name, this sword also features a longer grip, making it perfect for one-handed and two-handed use. It also has some styling, featuring a sun design on the ricasso and scrollwork lines on the guard. The advantage behind a synthetic training weapon is obvious. Wood will, eventually, splinter and break, while this weapon will take a licking and keep on ticking. So if you want something hardy to use while you work on your swordsmanship, you need nothing more than this Synthetic Bastard Sword.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After the European Hand-and-a-Half Sword
  • Extremely Tough and Durable
  • Features Little Touches of Detail
  • Broad Guard Provides Great Defense for the Hands
  • Grip is Good for One or Two Hands
  • The Perfect Training Weapon for Swordsmen and Swordswomen
  • A Great Personal Weapon or Gift Idea


  • Made Entirely from Polypropylene

Overall LengthBlade LengthWeight
One Size41 inches31 inches1.5 lbs


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