Polypropylene Roman Style Battle Sword


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Before you enter the gladiator arena or battlefield, make sure you are in top fighting form! This Polypropylene Roman Style Battle Sword blends modern technology with classic design to create an attractive and durable training sword. This black polypropylene rudis features a straight double edged blade with a checkered design down the center. The guard exhibits a hexagonal shape. The cylindrical grip depicts a cord wrapped design. The pommel is an oblate spheroid with studded accents. A brutal choice for simulated combat, the Polypropylene Roman Style Battle Sword also makes an exemplary prop for cosplay conventions, Halloween parties, and reenactment events.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic sparring Roman sword
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Displays a checkered pattern on the blade
  • Exhibits an oblate spheroid pommel
  • Grip depicts a cord wrapped design
  • Also great for cosplay or as a costume prop


  • Crafted from polypropylene

Overall Length Blade Length Handle Length
One Size 29.25 inches 21.75 inches 6.38 inches


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