Wooden Roman Gladius Sword


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Gladiators used wooden swords for training, but if a gladiator survived the arena and lived long enough to retire, he would be awarded a wooden gladius as a token of freedom. Our Wooden Training Gladius harkens back to this tradition. This wooden gladius is a great piece for honing your own gladiatorial skills. It is completely made of wood with a contrast finish decorating its pommel and guard. The grip is contoured for an authentic look and better hold. A fantastic alternative to a real sword, this wooden practice weapon is great for light training or circumstances where a real steel weapon is not needed.

Key Features:

  • Great for light practicing and training
  • Features contrast finish on pommel and guard
  • A nice alternative to a real sword for kids
  • Economical and safe


  • Made of solid beech wood
Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade WidthBlade ThicknessWeight
One Size27 inches20 inches1.75 inches0.625 inches0.75 lbs


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