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Narrow, fitted cuffs were ideal for those who wielded the sword in battle, leaving the fighters hand free from hindrance. Thus, the Swordsman Shirt makes use of an Elizabethan-inspired design to create its practical structure. At the height of its popularity, from 1500-1600, gentlemen frequently wore this shirt outside the pants, highlighted with a colorful sash. Take inspiration from history, or cinch its waist with a sword belt to recreate the look shown here.

Key Features:

  • Top quality garment has a very authentic look
  • Loose torso fit is pleated at chest placket
  • Long sleeves end in close-fitting, laced cuffs
  • Collared neck has lace closure
  • Great for medieval and Renaissance fairs
  • Versatile piece goes with many different looks


  • Made of a medium weight cotton

Neck Chest Waist Overall Length Sleeve Length
Medium 15-15.5 inches 40-42 inches 32-34 inches 36.8 inches 32 inches
Large 16-16.5 inches 44-46 inches 36-38 inches 35.8 inches 31.5 inches
X-Large 17-17.5 inches 46-48 inches 40-42 inches 35.5 inches 31.3 inches
XX-Large 18-18.5 inches 50-52 inches 44-46 inches 34.5 inches 30.5 inches


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