Steel Chainmail Coif – 9mm Round Rings


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Embark on a historical adventure, whether you are stepping onto a battlefield reenactment, immersing yourself in a LARP event, or perfecting your cosplay, with the crafted Steel Chainmail Coif. Designed for the modern-day warrior with a taste for historical authenticity, this chainmail coif is a testament to the craftsmanship of yore.

Each coif is skillfully woven, featuring 9mm round rings in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern, echoing the strength and durability that protected warriors of old. This pattern consists of four rings woven through one ring. The rings, made from 16-gauge mild steel, are butted together, ensuring both flexibility and resilience. This careful assembly not only pays homage to the historic art of chainmail making but also offers robust protection in reenactment combat scenarios.

Designed for the Fighter

Beyond its protective capabilities, the Steel Chainmail Coif has been thoughtfully engineered with a rounded face opening and hem. This design choice ensures a comfortable fit while maximizing mobility, allowing you to move freely and confidently. The rounded face opening provides ample visibility and breathing space, a crucial consideration whether you are locked in an intense battle reenactment or traversing the realm at a LARP event.

Versatile and Timeless

The coifs classic aesthetic makes it a versatile accessory suitable for a wide range of historical periods and characters. From the courageous knights of the Middle Ages to the formidable soldiers of ancient civilizations, this chainmail coif serves as the perfect complement to your costume, adding a layer of authenticity and realism that sets you apart.

Whether for reenacting, LARPing, or cosplaying, the 9mm Round Rings Steel Chainmail Coif is not just an accessory; it is an invitation to embody the spirit and valor of warriors past. Its robust construction, combined with a keen attention to historical detail, makes it an essential piece for anyone looking to bring a touch of authenticity to their warrior ensemble.

Step into your next event with the confidence of a seasoned warrior, knowing your Steel Chainmail Coif not only looks the part but is built to stand the test of battle.

Key Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Each chainmail coif is woven in the authentic 4-in-1 pattern, mirroring the craftsmanship of ancient armorers and offering a deeply historical look.
  • Comfortable Wear: Designed with a rounded face opening and hem for a snug fit that does not compromise on mobility and visibility, enhancing the wearers experience in various activities.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a plethora of characters across different historical periods, this coif is ideal for knights, soldiers, and many other personas from the distant past.
  • Protection in Battle: While designed for historical accuracy, the coif also provides robust protection in reenactment and LARP combat scenarios, ensuring safety amidst the action.
  • Easy Maintenance: Its construction and materials allow for straightforward maintenance, ensuring the coif remains in prime condition battle after battle.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

Ring Diameter
One Size9 millimeters


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