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Presenting the Polished Renaissance Steel Jack Chains – an example of artisanal skill crafted to enhance your reenactment and cosplaying ventures, offering authenticity and elegance. Painstakingly handmade from 16-gauge mild steel, these jack chains are not just armor; they are a tribute to the resilience and artistry of the Renaissance warrior.

Unique Design and Functionality

Coming as a complementary pair, each set of jack chains is constructed with four sections connected by durable rings, ensuring not only protection but also flexibility and ease of movement, vital for any infantry or archer character.

The design includes two rectangular plates and two round plates, with one resting on the shoulder and the other protecting the elbow, mirroring the historical design used by warriors of old to shield themselves in battle.

In addition to their functional aspect, these jack chains boast an aesthetic appeal – the shoulder and elbow plates feature curved, decorative fluting, adding an element of elegance to this protective gear. These artistic accents not only enhance the appearance but also pay homage to the intricate designs of historical armor, making them ideal for anyone looking to bring a touch of reality to their portrayal.

True to their historical counterparts, the elbows, shoulders, and bottom plates come equipped with holes for securely tying the jacks to a gambeson, ensuring they stay in place during even the most dynamic combat reenactments or while showcasing your character at a cosplay event.

Whether you are storming the battlefield as a valiant infantry soldier or safeguarding your comrades as a skilled archer, the Polished Renaissance Steel Jack Chains offer you the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and historical authenticity. Step into the shoes of a Renaissance warrior, and make history come alive with these pieces of armor, ideal for reenactments, cosplaying, and any enthusiast dedicated to bringing the past to life.

Key Features:

  • Historical Design: Features a historical design with two rectangular and two round plates to protect shoulders and elbows, mirroring armor worn by Renaissance warriors.
  • Functional Flexibility: Connected by durable rings for enhanced movement, crucial for reenactment combat or dynamic cosplaying.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The shoulder and elbow plates are adorned with decorative fluting, paying tribute to the elegant artistry of the era.
  • Secure Attachment: Equipped with holes for fastening to a gambeson, providing stability and security in any active scenario.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of historical reenactments, cosplaying events, and anyone looking to add a touch of realism to their portrayal of a Renaissance soldier.


  • Made from 16-gauge mild steel
  • Straps are leather

Care Instructions:


  • Overall Length: 25.6 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 1.5 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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