Iron Gladiator Shoulder Guard


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If, as a gladiator, you are going to protect something, it might as well be your neck and sword-arm, since losing either of those might cost you the match! This Iron Gladiator Shoulder Guard is big enough and hardy enough to protect both, in fair measure. Crafted entirely from a single piece of polished iron, this shoulder plate offers a fair measure of protection, indeed, allowing glancing blows to bounce off without inflicting so much as a nick or a scratch on your person. The shoulder guard wraps around the upper arm and shoulder and features flattened edges that flare out, giving the guard an overall square shape that provides a good deal of defense. It is held securely in place by leather straps, which wrap around the shoulder and core to keep the shoulder pauldron securely in place.

Key Features:

  • A single piece of armor worthy of a gladiator
  • Square shape offers solid and effective protection
  • Features lather straps and buckles
  • A great piece of costume and reenactment armor
  • Perfect for warrior looks and gladiator costumes


  • Made of 18 gauge steel
  • Leather straps with steel buckles


  • Length: 13 Inches
  • Width: 11.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds, 9.4 Ounces


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