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Prepare for battle brave warrior. You know that you must defend yourself from attack, so you choose to wear the Milanese Arms. Made from 16-gauge steel, this full armour comes as a pair. They secure to the arms with straps.

There are three main sections. One covers the upper arm while another one protects the elbow and a third guards the forearm. The section for the upper arm has sides that curve to form a cylinder shape. In addition, this section has a piece of leather at the top with small holes for attaching to other pieces of armour, not included.

Next, the sides of the forearms hinge to wrap around the arms in a similar way. The elbow section overlaps the arm sections. The elbow has multiple pieces riveted together. There is a central piece that directly covers the elbow. That piece overlaps other pieces going up and down from the elbow. In addition, there is a fan-shaped piece that covers the side of the elbow on each arm.

The Milanese Arms makes a wonderful addition to a historical reenactment outfit. The set of arm armour also looks fantastic at Renaissance faires. It matches the Milanese Suit of Armour (AB0063), sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a pair
  • Whole arm design
  • Secures with straps
  • Historical Italian design
  • Great for historical reenactments


  • Made of 16-gauge steel

Overall Length with Upper Leather PanelOverall Steel Plate LengthUpper CircumferenceElbow CircumferenceElbow Plate WidthLower Circumference
One Size18 inches16.25 inches15 inches13-21.1 inches4.25 inches12.5 inches


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