Red Scallywag Hat


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The Red Scallywag Hat is an authentic, blocked tricorn hat that has been made the old-fashioned way – by pressing the material around a shaped block. This attention to detail makes the Black Scallywag Hat a great hat for authentic-looking pirates. Tricorn hats were at the peak of popularity during the 18th century. These hats were worn by virtually every walk of life. Nobility, workers, generals, soldiers, traders, and pirates all favored the tricorn, because it was a useful, comfortable, and effective hat. It was simple and elegant, yet could be ornamented with decoration to suit ones personal status. This particular pirate hat has the appearance of a time-weathered hat worn by an old scallywag who has spent many hard years on the sea. The hat is made from distressed faux-leather, and features an elastic cotton sweatband and fabric lining for comfort. The Red Scallywag Hat is a great piece of headgear for anyone who is looking for an authentic 18th century hat to go with their costume or appearance, whether it happens to be pirate or not.

Key Features:

  • Distressed Faux-Leather Finish
  • Fitted with an Elastic Sweatband
  • Has a Comfortable Fabric Lining


  • Made from 100 percent polyester

Head Circumference
One Size23.5 inches


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