Red Oak Suburito Sword


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The traditional bokken was not the only training weapon used in ancient Japan. Another training tool called a suburito was used, made heavier than the bokken and katana. We offer a version of this tool in our Red Oak Suburito Sword. Traditionally only used in single practice, the suburito is deliberately made heavy, so that the user has to exercise greater levels of strength to wield it properly. This, in turn, builds upper-body strength and coordination, which is the ultimate goal of training with the suburito. Our suburito is made of sturdy red oak. The hilt is defined and the blade is very vague and general, although it has greater heft than a typical bokken or katana. If the bokken is not giving you the workout you need, or if you want to work on swordplay and strength at the same time, then you need our Red Oak Suburito Sword.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from Red Oak
  • Great for Training
  • Builds Upper Body Strength


  • Overall Height: 43 Inches


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