Natural Red Oak Daito Sword


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If you are looking to perfect your skills in the art of kenjutsu or kendo, then you are going to need a good training weapon. The Natural Red Oak Daito Sword is a great light training weapon. The original training weapon of the samurai was, of course, the bokken – the original wooden sword. And it is easy to see why, given that most bokkens replicate the shape and size of a katana. Daito is a reference to the size of this piece. Anything longer than two shaku (a shaku being roughly equivalent to one foot) is considered a daito. It mimics the katana in general shape and form. If you need a bokken, for light training or for show, then consider our Natural Red Oak Daito Sword. You will not be disappointed by this one.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from Red Oak
  • Great for Light Training
  • Perfect for Kenjutsu and Kendo

Overall Height
One Size40 inches


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