Raven on Skulls Incense Burner


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Ravens are well-known for their intelligence, and in this Raven on Skulls Incense Burner, one such bird seems to have chosen its perch based entirely on appeal. After all, the scent of incense could be as soothing to an avian as it is a human. This impressive incense burner features a rich gothic style that perfectly fits the raven, especially if you are imagining a bird straight out Edgar Allen Poes famous poem. This incense burner features a long, slightly concave trough that is styled to look like a long pile of skulls. This trough serves as the ash catcher, and it features a pile of skulls at its end which serves to hold the stick of incense. Perched atop this pile of skulls is a single raven, who curiously watches every stick of incense, as if fascinated by the process of the stick burning up into ash. This incense burner is crafted entirely in cold cast resin, which is then hand painted to give it the utmost detail possible. Please note, however, that incense is not included. Nothing beats the scent of incense after a long hard day, and now, you can enjoy it with a fellow aficionado, as this Raven on Skulls Incense Burner gives you a little black bird that will enjoy your incense as much as you do.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted to Feature Vivid Color and Detail
  • Depicts a Realistic Raven Perched Atop a Pile of Skulls
  • A Fully Functional Incense Burner
  • Features a High Degree of Incredible Detailing
  • An Awesome Home Accent or Gift Idea


  • Length: 10.5 Inches


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