Incense & Oil Burners

Incense burners not only help you enjoy your favorite scents, but they also make a bold statement of taste to your home decor! 

We offer a wide range of incense burners in medieval and fantasy styles here. Check out our dragon geode incense burner which resembles intricately detailed dragons perched on beds of colorful crystals or our or the sword-wielding knight burner that depicts the chivalrous figure atop the castle walls. We offer both horizontal and vertical incense burners, so you can burn incense sticks the way you like best with the options here. Our dragon backflow incense burner adds a mystical touch to any room. Our skeleton incense burner lends a grim elegance and macabre delight wherever they are placed, and many of them are designed to hold sticks of incense in the very jaws of their skull accents. Our Gargoyle incense burner offers a classic take on gothic style, and many are hand painted to resemble ancient stones. Our fairy incense burner brings a sense of magic to your incense burning experience. 

Find the perfect incense burner that brings delight to the senses at Dark Knight Armoury

Add some delightful aromas and character to your personal space and browse our handpicked incense burner and incense holder collection at Dark Knight Armoury.


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