Poet Tree Incense Burner


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A word to the wise, putting burning substances, like incense, near wood is probably not a good idea. The Poet Tree Incense Burner is a wise old tree, though, so he knows how to handle burning incense. This intriguing incense burner is by no means little, as it stands roughly 11 inches tall. And like any wise old tree, it spends its time pursuing intellectual activities, like reading poetry and fairy tales. Currently, this gnarled old tree stands relatively still, holding a red book of fairy tales in its woody grip. However, this tree is not so engrossed in its reading to do anything else. Should you have need of an incense burner, this wise old tree will serve that purpose, because nothing goes better together than reading and burning incense. Both are good for the soul and rather relaxing, as well. The Poet Tree Incense Burner is a fantastic little decoration that is great for family and friends or for anyone who wants an incense burner that has more character then it does function.

Key Features:

  • Includes Separate Incense Holder
  • Appropriate for Cone or Stick Incense
  • Incredibly Detailed Decoration
  • Made from Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin
  • Incense Smoke Vents Through Mouth and Top of Tree


  • Height: 11 Inches


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