Cthulhu Statue


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When the going gets tough, the tough get going – by summoning Cthulhu, a massive cephalopod monster from the cyclopean depths of the ocean to devour all life on the planet! Dread Cthulhu, the High Priest of the Great Old Ones from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos horror stories, lies dreaming in his sunken city of R’lyeh, handing out gifts of madness in dreams. In the meantime, Cthulhu waits to be awakened by his foolish worshippers so he can begin his symphony of destruction. Now you can have your very own Cthulhu sculpture for your personal altar at home! Blood sacrifices to Cthulhu not included (or recommended).

This strikingly hand-painted Cthulhu Statue, made of cold cast resin, captures every gory detail of Dread Cthulhu, sure to thrill fantasy art lovers and fans of Lovecraft’s writings alike. This Cthulhu sculpture displays the octopus-headed monster resting on a square base covered in mysterious symbols. His hands and feet are clawed, while his bat-like wings rest behind him. A stunning addition to any statue collection, the Cthulhu Statue is painted in an antique-looking metallic color. 

A fun, gothic home decor piece that makes a great gift to anyone who loves the spooky and macabre, our Cthulhu Statue is perfect for any fan of horror or Lovecraft devotee. Just one look into the eyes of this gruesome tentacle-faced creature will have you quaking in your boots. And besides, every good cultist needs a Cthulhu statue for their hidden shrine. How else will you know your cries of “Iä Cthulhu fhtagn!” be heard without a proper Cthulhu statue?

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Key Features:

  • Depicts iconic horror monster Cthulhu
  • Cthulhu is shown on a square base covered in glyphs
  • Hand painted with attention to detail
  • Features an antique metallic tone
  • Excellent gift for fans of Lovecraft and Cthulhu


  • Made of cold cast resin


  • Height: 6.75 Inches
  • Width: 4.9 Inches
  • Length: 4.25 Inches


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