Ragnarsson Childrens Viking Pants


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Ragnar Lodbrok himself is just a legend, but his sons were real people. Bjorn Ironsides, the oldest, founded his own Swedish dynasty. Your child can walk in the footsteps of such a glorious warrior with the Ragnarsson Childrens Viking Pants. These brown cotton pants are based on the pair found at the famous archaeological dig at Thorsberg Moor. Their knees are baggy, granting the legs plenty of room to move, but they tighten against the skin at the calves, ensuring that no excess fabric gets in the way of the feet and becomes a tripping hazard. These trousers also feature loops for the placement of a belt, which is required for these pants to fit properly. The Ragnarsson Childrens Viking Pants make a fantastic component of any kids medieval or Renaissance outfit.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Viking pants found at Thorsberg Moor
  • Fit loosely around the legs for comfort and flexibility
  • Great for wear in the winter
  • Feature belt loops for adjustability
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs or medieval reenactments


  • Made of 100% cotton

Waist CircumferenceHip CircumferenceOutseamInseamThigh CircumferenceCalf Circumference
X-Small22.05 inches22 inches25.59 inches17.5 inches11.5 inches9 inches
Small24.02 inches25.25 inches27.95 inches19.75 inches12.5 inches10 inches
Medium25.98 inches27.5 inches30.32 inches22.5 inches14 inches11.25 inches
Large27.96 inches28.75 inches32.68 inches23 inches14.5 inches12 inches
X-Large29.92 inches30.5 inches35.04 inches26 inches15.5 inches13.5 inches


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