Padded Gladiator Leg Guards


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Given that armor generally reduces harm to a warrior, it is reasonable that gladiators did not wear much armor. After all, it was intended as a fantastic spectacle. Thus, many warriors who fought wore cloth armor, like these Padded Gladiator Leg Guards. Something of a middle ground, these padded protectors offered fairly decent protection, without offering the security of metal plates, ensuring the gladiators could still move and fight with ease, while also giving them a modicum of protection, to ensure that the fights lasted longer and were much more exciting. These padded greaves are, essentially, heavy, thick fabric that is wrapped and bound around the warriors legs, stretching from the ankles up to the knees, offering a bit of protection to the legs. They are, in general, a solid addition to just about any gladiators look, providing the partially armored look that gladiators are so famous for. These Padded Gladiator Leg Guards are also great for reenactments, adding a bit more padding and protection to your look, and will serve moderately well as training armor, too.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Heavy, Thick Fabric
  • Bound Around the Leg with Leather Bands
  • Covers the Leg from Ankle to Knee
  • Offers A Light Amount of Protection
  • Distinctively Gladiatorial in their Style
  • Great For Costuming, Training, and Reenactments

Overall LengthCalf WidthAnkle Width
One Size28.5 inches19 inches17.25 inches


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