Nilveth LARP Bastard Sword


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If you are looking for a LARP sword to wield against the heroes on the battlefield, check out the Nilveth LARP Bastard Sword. Made from latex-free foam, this fantasy LARP bastard sword has a durable construction. Made in collaboration with Mythic Workshop, it comes in four colors.

The dark elven sword has a gently curved, single-edged blade. The blade of this foam sword features a silver edge with the rest of the blade in the color option chosen. A black overlay covers the blade. It has five curved cutouts along the spine. Grooved lines adorn the overlay.

The bastard sword continues with a highly detailed hilt. It features a pointed crossguard that ends above the spine of the blade. It has concave curves along its edges in a bat wing-like look. More of the grooved look from the overlay adorns the guard.

The rest of the handle has an equally sinister, scorpion-like style. The underside has a grooved, sectioned grip. It is in the color option chosen. Along the top, the grip continues the black, grooved design of the guard and overlay.

The end of the handle forms a pointed pommel. It points towards the blade side of the sword. This foam sword is perfect for a variety of evil or monstrous characters, especially high fantasy ones. It is ideal for LARP events and cosplays.

Key Features:

  • Comes in four colors
  • Durable construction
  • Detailed, dual-colored hilt design
  • Collaboration with Mythic Workshop
  • Great for evil or dark characters
  • Ideal for LARP events and cosplaying


  • Made from latex-free foam

Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade WidthWeight
44.5 inches33.1 inches13 inches1 inch1 pound 4.3 ounces


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