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Step back in time and embody the spirit of the Viking era with the Marzena Viking Rus Dress. This garment is not just a dress—it is a homage to history, meticulously designed for those who cherish authenticity and craftsmanship.

Crafted with great attention to detail, the Marzena Viking Rus Dress presents a robust yet elegant silhouette with its A-line shape that flatters any figure, providing the perfect fit for many maidens with six available sizes. The dress boasts long sleeves and a collared V-neck, design choices that pay tribute to traditional Viking attire while offering modern comfort and versatility.

Made from 100% York cotton, the texture and weave of the fabric speak of a bygone era, while also ensuring durability and ease of care for the wearer. Whether you are attending a historical reenactment, engaging in LARP event, or showcasing your outfit at a cosplay event, the Marzena Viking Rus Dress delivers both authenticity and style.

Its design is ideal for layering, allowing you to pair it with cloaks, belts, and accessories to complete your Viking outfit. Yet, the simple elegance of the dress means it also looks great on its own, giving you the flexibility to adapt your outfit to the occasion.

The Marzena Viking Rus Dress is more than just an article of clothing; it is a key to another time, a wearable piece of history that invites admirers to ponder the stories and adventures of the past, while celebrating those still to be written. Whether for reenactment, role-playing or as a unique addition to your wardrobe, this dress is sure to captivate and inspire.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: Inspired by historical Viking attire, offering a perfect blend of authenticity and modern comfort.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in six sizes to ensure a flattering fit for various body types.
  • Flexible Styling: Ideal for layering with other Viking clothing pieces or wearing standalone for a simpler look.
  • Elegant Detailing: Features long sleeves and a collared V-neck, echoing the traditional Viking fashion.
  • Event-Ready: Perfect for historical reenactments, LARP events, cosplay, or adding a unique touch to your everyday wardrobe.


  • Made from 100% cotton
This chest measurement is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest Circumference
Small31.9-33.5 inches
Medium35-36.6 inches
Large38.2-39.8 inches
X-Large41.3-42.9 inches
XX-Large45.3-46.9 inches
XXX-Large49.2-50.8 inches


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