Legionnaire Tunic


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Many warriors of the ancient world feared the Roman army because it was thought that Romans never bled. The truth, however, was that they wore tunics, much like the Legionnaire Tunic, to fool their foes into believing such things! Crafted from coarsely woven cotton fabric, this Roman soldier tunic hosts a classic construction and traditional design that every respectable legionary wore! With the rich red color of this classic tunic peeking out from beneath his armor, his enemies would be struck with fear at this undying foe who seemingly never bleeds! A wide neckline and short sleeves paired with the short length allow for a breathable garment that every Roman warrior needs in the midst of heated battle. Whether at home, at war, or at a Roman-themed event, no true legionary would dare let his enemy think him to be weak! Clothe yourself in the Legionnaire Tunic, and fool your adversaries into believing you are as powerful as the gods themselves!

Key Features:

  • Inspired by Ancient Roman design
  • Crafted from coarse, woven materials
  • Rich red color offers the fearsome look of a legionary
  • Can be worn with or without armor
  • Great for a variety of Roman outfits and occasions


  • Crafted from 100 percent Cotton Fabric

Small/Medium34-40 inches
Large/X-Large42-48 inches


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