Late Medieval Waist Cincher


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During the late Middle Ages, the corset was beginning to come into being, although in very rudimentary forms. The Medieval Waist Cincher captures one frame of this garments evolution and allows you to add it to your Renaissance wardrobe. This cotton corset belt spans from the midriff to the waist, its borders narrowing as it gets closer to the center of the stomach. At its very front, decorative lacework holds the piece together, while the lacework in back, complete with a modesty panel, tightens the garment to the body. The Medieval Waist Cincher comes in natural and brown, meaning it can match with virtually any garment, and it is perfect for tightening those loose, flowing tunics and dresses so that your figure can be seen.

Key Features:

  • Based on early corsets from Europe in the late Middle Ages
  • Has lacework in the front to keep the garment closed
  • Tightens loose medieval clothing around the waist
  • Includes a modesty panel
  • Comes in natural and brown
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and other medieval reenactments


  • Made of 100% cotton

BustWaistFront LengthBack LengthSide Length
Small31 inches28 inches10.25 inches10 inches6.5 inches
Medium31.5 inches30 inches11.25 inches11.25 inches7.75 inches
Large34.5 inches32 inches13 inches12.5 inches9.25 inches


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