Koshi Sori O Kissaki Katana


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Looking for a sword worthy of a true samurai warrior? The Koshi Sori O Kissaki Katana is a sword that any swordsman would be proud of. Handforged from 1095 high-carbon steel, this sword features a curved blade typical of Japanese swords. Its curve is closer to the base of the blade, which is called a koshi-sori style.

The blade has a hamon, or temper line, that runs horizontally along the blade. This is a sanbon-sugi hamon, meaning it has a jagged, pointed look.

Next, the katana has a brass blade collar, or habaki, before continuing with a black, alloy-based tsuba. There is a flower pattern adorning the hilt directly next to the tsuba. A burgundy cord wraps around black ray skin on the grip. The hilt ornament, or menuki, and end piece, or kashira, continue the flower pattern.

This sword comes with a hardwood scabbard, or saya. Towards the top of the scabbard, there is a wrapping of white ray skin. Next to the ray skin is polished buffalo horn at the opening of the scabbard and the kurigata. A kurigata is a knob for securing the multi-colored cord used for attaching the scabbard to a belt. There is a matching piece of buffalo horn at the other end of the scabbard.

Finally, this sword comes with a certificate of authenticity and a richly colored, embroidered sword bag. While this sword is fully functional, it is also beautiful, making it not just a tool for battle but a magnificent display piece as well.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional for battle
  • Curved blade with visible temper line
  • Detailed flower pattern on hilt
  • Comes with scabbard
  • Includes a sword bag and certificate of authenticity


  • Blade is 1095 high-carbon steel
  • Tsuba is metal alloy
  • Scabbard is hardwood with horn and ray skin accents
Overall LengthBlade Length
One Size42 inches28.3 inches


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