Hibernus Medieval Hooded Cloak


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Hibernus was a Latin word used to describe winter as well as to denote someone from Ireland. The Hibernus Medieval Hooded Cloak is perfect for winter wear, and it resembles those garments worn by the ancient Celtic people. This heavy, wool blend cloak is designed to resemble those from the late Middle Ages. It features a tall pointed hood, similar to those worn by pagan groups in early Britain. The cloak can be held together on the body by way of two fabric ribbons or a loop on either side that allows for the attachment of a brooch or special cord. The Hibernus Medieval Hooded Cloak comes in a variety of colors, meaning that whatever the hues of your medieval ensemble, you can stay warm in the winter without clashing your colors.

Key Features:

  • Based on Celtic cloaks worn in the late Middle Ages
  • Features a tall pointed hood
  • Features ribbons to tie it together or loops for personalized brooches or cords
  • Comes in black, grey, brown, and autumn green
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and other medieval reenactments


  • Made of 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% polyamides, and 4% miscellaneous natural fibers

Overall LengthHood HeightHood Depth
Small55.5 inches13 inches23.5 inches
Medium68.90 inches13 inches25 inches
Large72.83 inches13 inches25 inches


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