Girls Scottish Highland Dress



The Girls Scottish Highland Dress is a great way to feature some cultural style while avoiding a lot of extra hassle for an outfit. Instead of several pieces, this dress is one complete ensemble, stitched together to make one convenient and pretty outfit. The full-length skirt matches the classic plaid tartan of the Scottish kilt, while the top of the dress matches a casual long-sleeve white blouse to a short black bodice. Add in that it is all made from quality fabrics, and this Scottish gown becomes quite cute as well as quite comfortable. Whether you are reviving some family culture or just celebrating a rich style, this Girls Scottish Highland Dress is the perfect thing to dress your little one in!

Key Features:

  • A traditional Scottish dress for girls
  • Made from fine, comfortable fabric
  • A full ensemble, all stitched together
  • Combines a tartan skirt, white blouse, and black bodice
  • Great for parties, festivals, and fairs in the medieval style

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only


  • Small: Fits a 23-26 Inch bust, a 20 Inch waist and a 16 Inch sleeve. Designed for a 46 Inch height
  • Medium: Fits a 24-27 Inch bust, a 22 Inch waist and a 17 Inch sleeve. Designed for a 50 Inch height
  • Large: Fits a 26-29 Inch bust, a 23 Inch waist and a 19 Inch sleeve. Designed for a 55 Inch height
  • X-Large: Fits a 30-33 Inch bust, a 24 Inch waist and a 21 Inch sleeve. Designed for a 60 Inch height
  • XX-Large: Fits a 34-37 Inch bust, a 26 Inch waist and a 23 Inch sleeve. Designed for a 65 Inch height


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