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Fair Maidens Dress

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Celtic Chemise

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For the Renaissance Maiden who has duties to tend to but needs to look like an upper class lady at the same time, this ensemble is perfect for going to the market, wearing to the village feast, or whatever else you find yourself doing.

Here is what you get:

  • Fair Maiden Dress #100510
  • Celtic Chemise #100508

Detailed Item Descriptions:

Fair Maidens Dress: The Fair Maidens Dress is a perfect dress for the faire or going off to market. This colorful 16th century styled dress features coordinating front trim and re-enforced boning in the front bodice for extra strong tight lacing. We have paired this piece with the Celtic Chemise, however it will look lovely with any of our other chemises should you choose to wear it with a different one. The Fair Maidens dress is available in two colors, blue and green.

Celtic Chemise: The Celtic chemise was worn under all medieval ladies clothing. It kept the outer clothing cleaner by absorbing perspiration. It was often slept in as well. Our well-made chemise has very long sleeves and ties at the shoulders. A very special Celtic look for your favorite gown. This is a very pretty chemise and goes great with many of our dresses and gowns. It goes better with sleeveless dresses, so you can show off the detail on the sleeve of the chemise. The sleeves have a drawstring that ties at the shoulder, so you can make it long sleeve one day and the next maybe tie it up above the elbow for a different look.

Sizing And Measurements:

  • Fair Maiden Dress:
    • Small/Medium: Fits a 32-38 Inch Bust. Length is 59 Inches from Shoulder to Bottom.
    • Large/X-Large: Fits a 40-48 Inch Bust. Length is 59.56 Inches from Shoulder to Bottom.
  • Celtic Chemise:
    • Small/Medium: Fits a 32-38 Inch Bust
    • Large/X-Large: Fits a 40-48 Inch Bust

Measurements are approximate.


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