Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Outfit

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Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Cloak

Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Robe

Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Battle Skirt

Three-Quarters Sleeve Viking Undertunic

Ragnar Viking Pants

Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Book Holder

Dungeons & Dragons Double Leather Belt

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Wizards are the arcane scholars and spellcasters of the battlefield, embodying wisdom and magical prowess in the realms of D&D. Clad in this Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Outfit, you can channel the spirit of a skilled magus, ready to face any challenge with arcane knowledge and mystical power.

Firstly, each piece ensures accuracy and superb craftsmanship, transporting you straight into the world of your favorite tabletop game. Moreover, it is perfect for layering with armor to create an authentic Wizard, Battle-Mage, or Necromancer look. Whether you’re attending a gaming convention, participating in a live-action role playing event, or simply enjoying a themed-party, this outfit is great for any occasion.

Furthermore, the individual pieces for this outfit are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different body types. Choose between two contrasting color schemes: Dark Blue with Bordeaux to embody arcane mastery, or Black with Natural, representing the dark magics of necromancy.

By purchasing this outfit as a bundle, you save 5%, making it a cost-effective option for aspiring Wizards. This allows you to invest in a high-quality ensemble without exceeding your budget. In conclusion, as officially licensed merchandise by Dungeons & Dragons, this outfit offers a genuine connection to the game and its rich lore.

Key Features

  • Complete Set Savings: Save 5% when purchasing this outfit as a set, making it an affordable option for aspiring Wizards.
  • Authentic D&D Design: Meticulously crafted to meet official Dungeons & Dragons specifications, ensuring every detail stays true to your character idea.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for layering with armor to achieve a Wizard or Battle-Mage look and suitable for a variety of events.
  • Customization Options: Available in multiple sizes and two contrasting color combinations—Dark Blue with Bordeaux or Black with Natural—allowing for a personalized aesthetic.
  • Officially Licensed Merchandise: Authentically licensed by Dungeons & Dragons, this set gives you a realized connection to the game and its rich lore.

Items Included in this Bundle:

  • Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Cloak #BG-1202: A beautifully crafted cloak perfect for any aspiring Wizard, featuring intricate designs and high-quality fabric.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Robe #BG-1190: This robe offers both comfort and style, ideal for intense spells and long adventures.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Battle Skirt #BG-1197: Designed for agility and protection, this battle skirt is a must-have for any Wizard engaged in epic battles.

Optional Accessories

  • Three-Quarters Sleeve Viking Undertunic #BG-1011: Perfect for historical reenactments or costume parties, this authentic undertunic adds a touch of medieval flair.
  • Ragnar Viking Pants #BG-1021: These durable pants are designed for comfort and style, ideal for both everyday wear and special events.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Book Holder #BG-1229: Keep your spellbooks and gaming manuals organized with this intricately designed book holder, a must-have for any D&D enthusiast.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Double Leather Belt #BG-1232: Enhance your game night attire with this high-quality double leather belt, combining functionality with a classic fantasy look.


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