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Command attention and spark the imaginations of mortals with the Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Cape. Venture into unknown realms of the arcane, confident in your style and your abilities.

Fabric of Fantasy Paired with Methodical Flair

Elevate your role playing experience with a garment that not only looks the part but invokes it, ensuring you’re always ready for your next quest. Evoke the essence of the arcane with expertly tailored materials, sleek and full length elegance, rich details, and a call to adventure that immerses you in your magical journey.

Starting with the fabric, this D&D Wizard cape is designed with an elegance and flowing breathability to keep you comfortable in any venture. Additionally, this graceful design features a vast, expansive, roomy hood to make your presence known in any LARP, cosplay, or reenactment events. This hood’s vast size will finally let you achieve that iconic shrouded look you’ve always wanted, but could not replicate with hoodies or sweatshirts. Better yet, this grand expansive hood has plenty of room to rest past the head, achieving a look of mystery and supreme arcane power.

Moreover, this D&D cloak is enhanced with a neck loop for easily fastening necklaces or brooches and internal straps that anchor the cape to your attire. Likewise, these features ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you ease of movement without distraction. Not to mention, these laces enable you to effortlessly add this mage costume piece to your battle-plate as well, embodying the image of the noble Battle-Mage fighting on the frontlines.

Furthermore, choose from two color contrasting color combinations: Black with Natural for the mysteries and dangers of dark magic, or Dark Blue with Bordeaux for a royal allure. To clarify, the first color mentioned is the main color of the cape while the second color is the trim. Moreover, the trim on this wizard cloak ensures your character stands out with a layered authenticity, as if the arcane energies were swirling around your very being.

Sophistication and Magical Mastery

Imagine the spells you’ll cast, wrapped in the elegance of our Wizard Cape, as you traverse forgotten temples and buried ruins in search of ancient knowledge. With its thoughtful design, this medieval Wizard cape effortlessly overlaps with other costumes, serving as a versatile staple in your wardrobe.

Not to mention, you can pair this medieval fantasy mage cloak with various character concepts to bring your personas to life. For example, embody the mystique of the Sorcerer or the allure of the Warlock thanks to this D&D cape.

Designed for both appeal and functionality, the spacious hood cloaks you in an air of mystery for moments of contemplation or dramatic entrances. Furthermore, this mage cape is the first step for any passionate fan, cosplayer, or historical reenactor embodying the art of spell-casting and eagerness for knowledge. This medieval sorcerer cloak doesn’t just accompany you, it moves with you, gracefully flowing with each step you take.

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Key Features:

  • Elegant Flowing Fabric: This D&D mage cape flows with an almost supernatural elegance, enhancing your spell-casting abilities while remaining breathable and comfortable.
  • Striking Color Combinations: Opt for the enigmatic charm of Black with Natural or the regal beauty of Dark Blue with Bordeaux for your character’s perfect look.
  • Neck Loop and Internal Straps: Featuring a convenient neck loop and internal straps, this sorcerer cape promises a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Layered Compatibility: Perfect for Renaissance fairs, LARPing events, and historical reenactments, express your character proudly with this LARP wizard cape.
  • Arcane Immersion: With a roomy hood for added mystery, it is also a functional piece that ties your ensemble together.


  • Made of 100% cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
Overall Length
One Size78 inches


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