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Imagine yourself as the Fighter, the warrior who fights to live and lives to fight. The sands of the arena and the dangerous wilds call to you. Be sure to protect yourself by wearing this Dungeons & Dragons Fighter Padded Gorget.

A Companion for Every Skirmish

Designed for the warrior at heart, this D&D gorget is not just an accessory, it’s an armament for the bold and the brave. Whether you’re facing a horde of orcs or a cunning dragon, this medieval neck guard serves as your last line of defense.

Starting with the material, this warrior neck armor is expertly woven with a durable mix of cotton and polyester, promising comfort without sacrificing resilience. Furthermore, additional padding enhances its exceptional design, providing protection in key areas.

Moreover, the design incorporates adjustable laces at the front and back, which allow for a custom fit that promises comfort and flexibility for your character. Additionally, choose from two classic colors: Black for diving into forgotten dungeons, or Bordeaux for battling in the sands of the arena.

Next, with seven sizes available, warriors of every size and stature can find the perfect fit. This Fighter gorget also features eyelets near the shoulder blades for attachment and customization. Attach armor pieces to this gorget for maximum protection and for bringing a unique look to your Fighter. Furthermore, the eyelets are on the front chest, the back, and near the shoulder blades.

A Symbol of Fantasy Valor

Whether you’re facing down a dragon in the depths of a dungeon or leading your fellow guild-members into battle, this D&D warrior gorget will ensure you’re always prepared. Eliminating potential discomfort, the padded design of this medieval fantasy gorget not only contours to your body, but adds a unique style to your ensemble.

Additionally, the versatility of this padded gorget makes it a valuable addition to any adventurer’s attire. Not to mention, the laces and eyelets make adjusting for the perfect fit easy. Furthermore, the quilted pattern gives off depth and authenticity for your ensemble.

Perfect for LARP battles, cosplay events, or historical reenactments, the gorget’s versatility guarantees you’ll turn heads. Layer this medieval D&D gorget with armor or your other outfits, bringing a sense of martial skill to any costume.

Moreover, this flexibility makes it in indispensable component of your costume. Furthermore, any outfit will surely stand out with this fighter vest gorget added on.

In conclusion, with versatile colors, accommodating flexibility, extra protection, and authentic style, this medieval D&D gorget will be your steadfast companion throughout all your adventures.

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Key Features:

  • Maximum Comfort and Protection: This gorget was built with extra padding for keeping you comfortable and well secured.
  • Adjustable Laces and Eyelets: Adjust the laces along the front for a snug fit.
  • Classic Color Options: Choose between Black or Bordeaux to bring your character ideas to life.
  • Various Sizes: Select a size that fits you best.
  • Unique Quilted Pattern: Evoking the valor and chivalry of fantasy, the quilted pattern in the fabric brings a sense of style and elegance to your ensemble.


  • Made of cotton and polyester

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.


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