Demon Knight Mask

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If you fight in an undead army, why not look the part? Turn your face into that of a skeletal warrior with the Demon Knight Mask. Made from latex, this demonic mask features a long, skeletal face.

The skeletal head has a copper-colored, armoured skull. There are two bone-colored horns that point backwards and to the sides. A couple of copper rings adorn the horns. They match sections on the side of the face. The long face features a row of scraggly teeth at the bottom. In addition, the head has a pair of eye slots.

Below the head, there is a copper-colored gorget-style collar. Next to it, there is a large standing collar. Both collars have a line of dots along the edges. The standing collar has a pair of large matching shoulder pieces. There is a black section in front that connects the shoulder pieces to the collar. This black section has copper-colored rectangles with points running along the front.

On the inside of the full, pull-on mask, there is a soft interior. The Demon Knight Mask is perfect for anyone wanting to dress up for a costume party, Halloween, or any other event.

Please note that the sword and shield shown above do not come included.

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed
  • Soft interior
  • Has a long, skeletal face
  • Slots for the eyes
  • Ideal for Halloween, costume parties, and more


  • Made from high-quality latex

Care Instructions:

  • If dirty, clean with warm soapy water. Do not use any petroleum-based product, such as Vaseline. Store in a sealed bag, or on a wig stand, if possible, to help keep its shape. Keep out of direct sunlight or heat.


  • One size fits most.


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