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This mask looks like it comes to you straight from the trenches of World War II, featuring a militaristic style that is sure to make zombie survivors happy. Plus, the Chemical Warfare Mask also features an intimidating look that has loads of appeal. This mask combines the look of a full face gas mask with a traditional soldiers M1 helmet. The rounded helmet top evokes the image of a soldier from eras gone by, while the heavy gas mask makes this design look perfect for a heavy trooper. The helmet also features goggles with clear lenses that allow the wearer to look out with ease. This mask is a full-head piece that covers the wearers head completely when worn. It is made entirely of high-quality latex materials. The tough, military style of this Chemical Warfare Mask makes it a great choice for soldiers and citizens alike, especially during a zombie apocalypse.

Please note that as realistic as the mask appears, it is only a prop and an accessory, designed for costume use or display.

Key Features:

  • Gas Mask Prop Features an Incredibly Realistic Look
  • Resembles Actual Masks Used Throughout History
  • A Fantastic Accessory for Zombie Survivors
  • Perfect for Zombie Apocalypses (and Other End of the World Events)


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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