Deluxe Warrior Jintachi


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When you want a sword with some great detailing and style, you should make sure to check out the Deluxe Warrior Jintachi. Made from stainless steel, this decorative blade features the traditionally curved shape found on many Japanese swords. The sword continues with a gold-colored tsuba. The handle has a black and cream wrapping. This wrapping runs over the top of a golden herringbone pattern on the grip. The handle ends with a golden pommel that has a loop for the end of the handle wrapping. Finally, the sword comes with a matching scabbard. The upper third of the scabbard has the same wrapping and herringbone pattern as the handle. It also features a cord and leather carrying handle. Meanwhile, the rest of the black scabbard features three golden Tokugawa kamon designs. The kamon or crest features a tri-part design inside a circle. The Deluxe Warrior Jintachi makes an ideal showpiece for any weaponry collection or Japanese-inspired home decor.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Has a curved blade
  • Features a two-tone wrapping
  • Herringbone and kamon detailing
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Great display piece


  • Made from stainless steel


  • Overall Length: 42 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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