Corrazina Noble Knight Outfit

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Corrazina Chest Armour

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Aramis Doublet

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Imperial Gambeson

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Aramis Shirt

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Medieval Landsknecht Pants

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Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt

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The Corrazina Noble Knight Outfit gets you a medieval look that’s particularly princely. Great for any noble character, this medieval outfit includes the statement-making Corrazina Chest Armour and perfectly-paired medieval clothing. Add on the optional gambeson, sword belt, and boots to complete the look. Best of all, you’ll save 5% when you purchase the whole outfit.

Start with the Aramis Shirt. This light cotton shirt has a relaxed, comfortable style. It’s perfect underneath the Aramis Doublet, which is made of a sturdy cotton-wool blend and lined with polyester satin. For added comfort and safety, layer the Imperial Gambeson over the doublet. Its removable sleeves let you show off the shoulder detail of the Aramis Doublet. Next, the Medieval Landsknecht pants go great with this look. With a variety of color options, you are sure to stand out at on the LARP battlefield, the Renaissance faire, or your next medieval event.

Then, add detail and function with the Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt. It’s perfect for keeping your favorite LARP sword at your side. Then, slip on the Captain Redbeard Boots, and you’ll be ready to go. These add-ons really complete the look. Whether your character is a noble warrior or colorful mercenary, this noble knight outfit is sure to impress.

Key Features:

  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5% on complete outfit
  • Includes chest armour and clothing
  • Gambeson and accessories are optional
  • Great for LARP, Ren faires, cosplay and more

Here is what you get:

  • Corrazina Chest Armour #MCI-3461
  • Imperial Gambeson #MCI-3125
  • Aramis Doublet #MCI-3362
  • Aramis Shirt #MCI-3217
  • Medieval Landsknecht Pants #MCI-2363

Optional Items:

  • Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt #MCI-3336
  • Captain Redbeard Boots #MCI-3256

Sizing And Measurements:

  • Corrazina Chest Armour:
    • Medium: Front Length – 15 Inches, Back Length – 17.3 Inches, Front Chest Width – 26.4 Inches, Back Chest Width – 22.4 Inches, Weight – 9.3 Pounds
    • Large: Front Length – 16.5 Inches, Back Length – 18.5 Inches, Front Chest Width – 30.3 Inches , Back Chest Width – 25.2 Inches, Weight – 11.5 Pounds
  • Imperial Gambeson:
    • Small: 25.2 Inch length, 36.6 Inch chest, 32.3 Inch Untied Waist, 25.2 Inch sleeve length
    • Medium: 27.6 Inch length, 40.2 Inch chest, 35.8 Inch Untied Waist, 26 Inch sleeve length
    • Large: 28.3 Inch length, 44.5 Inch chest, 40.2 Inch Untied Waist, 26.4 Inch sleeve length
    • X-Large: 29.5 Inch length, 49.2 Inch chest, 45.3 Inch Untied Waist, 26.4 Inch sleeve length
  • Aramis Doublet:
    • Small: Chest Width – 34.64 Inches, Waist – 27.2 Inches
    • Medium: Chest Width – 38.6 Inches, Waist – 30.7 Inches
    • Large: Chest Width – 42.5 Inches, Waist – 35 Inches
    • X-Large: Chest Width – 47.2 Inches, Waist – 40.2 Inches
  • Aramis Shirt:
    • X-Small/Small: 39.4 Inch Chest, 29.5 Inch Length, 21.7 Inch Sleeve, 33.5 Inch Bottom Shirt Width
    • Medium/Large: 45.7 Inch Chest, 31.5 Inch Length, 22.8 Inch Sleeve, 35.4 Inch Bottom Shirt Width
    • X-Large/XX-Large: 55.1 Inch Chest, 35.4 Inch Length, 22.8 Inch Sleeve, 37.4 Inch Bottom Shirt Width
  • Medieval Landsknecht Pants:
    • Small: Fits up to a 32 Inch Waist and a 11 Inch Calf Circumference. Length is 32.5 Inches.
    • Medium: Fits up to a 39 Inch Waist and a 11.8 Inch Calf Circumference. Length is 36.25 Inches.
    • Large: Fits up to a 40 Inch Waist and a 12.6 Inch Calf Circumference. Length is 40.25 Inches.
    • X-Large: Fits up to a 44 Inch Waist and a 13.4 Inch Calf Circumference. Length is 43.25 Inches.
    • XX-Large: Fits up to a 48 Inch Waist and a 14.2 Inch Calf Circumference. Length is 47.25 Inches.
  • Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt:
    • Small/Medium: Waist – 36.5 – 45 Inches, Width – 1 Inch
    • Large/X-Large: Waist – 4.25 – 48.5 Inches, Width – 1 Inch
  • Captain Redbeard Boots:
    • Please be aware that these size conversions are approximate, so exact sizing may differ slightly from what is listed.
    • These boots are not available in wide or narrow.

Measurements are approximate.


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