Medieval Landsknecht Pants

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The Landsknecht were a colorful mercenary group that became a powerful military force during the late 15th and 16th centuries. This Medieval Landsknecht Pants reflects the overall style that typified this legendary group of warriors. The pants have a puffed leg from the waist to the knee, with a slashed design that reveals the secondary color beneath. From the knee down, the legs are more fitted. The pants also conveniently feature a pocket on each side, with a buttoned front breech and a drawstring waist for some adjustability. They are made from 100 percent heavy weight cotton canvas fabric. The Medieval Landsknecht Pants are a perfect way to add some color to your medieval style, as well as a showy pair of pants that go great with a variety looks, from mercenary to lord and more.

Key Features:

  • Based on the historic look of the Landsknecht
  • A loose-waisted pants with fitted lower legs
  • Puffed and slashed upper legs with secondary color accents
  • Has an authentic look and feel
  • Great for a variety of medieval looks and styles


  • Fashioned from light canvas
  • Lined with soft cotton
  • Fitted with heavy cotton cord

WaistOutseamCalf Circumference
Small32 inches32.5 inches11 inches
Medium39 inches36.25 inches11.8 inches
Large40 inches40.25 inches12.6 inches
X-Large44 inches43.25 inches13.4 inches
XX-Large48 inches47.25 inches14.2 inches

2 reviews for Medieval Landsknecht Pants

  1. Joseph Huesmann (verified owner)

    These look pretty good. Unfortunately, the fit is all wrong. They’re a decent fit up top around the waist, and obviously there’s plenty of room for your thighs. The problems start at the bottom. The seam between the bloused part and the calf area has an extremely small circumference, unless you have skinny chicken legs. If your calves are a normal size you’ll have trouble even pulling that part up past your ankle. Once up to your knee, it’s still tight. It’s possible to bend your knees some, but you won’t have full range of motion, and what range there is won’t be comfortable. Fernando would like these pants, but for me they’ll need some major alteration.

  2. jakebova (verified owner)

    Tricky to fit but once you find the right size these pants are a great way to finish your garb!

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