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No matter if you wish to become a Viking, a medieval knight, a fantasy warrior, or another character, don the Chainmail Coif. Made from 16 gauge steel, this coif comes in one size. It has a rectangular opening. The coif covers the neck and head. It is made from round rings. Each butted ring has a diameter of 9.5 millimeters. The rings form a traditional 4-in-1 pattern that consists of four chainmail rings woven through another ring. This piece of chainmail armour is great for historical reenactments, faires, and LARP battles.

Key Features:

  • Comes in one size
  • Rectangular opening
  • Has 4-in-1 pattern
  • Great for reenactments and LARP events


  • Made of 16 gauge high carbon steel

Care Instructions:

  • To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.


  • One Size Fits Most.
  • Ring Diameter: 9.5 Millimeters


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