APOC Survival Wakizashi


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The APOC Survival Wakizashi is a sword designed for the modern ninja or silent warrior, especially those facing an apocalyptic horde. Made from 9260 spring steel, this functional wakizashi features a design by master swordmaker Angus Trim. It has a curved blade, typical of Japanese swords, with a black oxide finish. The edge features a hardness of 56 HRC.

At the base, there is a small, hooked extension on the edge side. The hooked extension functions as a crossguard, helping to keep a hand from slipping onto the blade. Just above the hook, the APOC logo adorns the blade.

The full-tang tactical sword continues with the straight G10 handle. Rivets secure the smooth handle in place. They are flush with the handle and blade profile. This design is meant to prevent blisters from friction, ideal for an apocalyptic environment. At the end of the handle, there is a lanyard hole. Lanyards do not come included.

Finally, this survival sword comes with a black fiberglass scabbard. This MOLLE-compatible scabbard allows for both stealth unsheathing and locking the sword in place. In addition, its design allows you to carry the sword in various positions. It has four slots, two on each side of the scabbard. Therefore, a belt can slide through the slots at an angle or straight across the scabbard. Belts are not included.

Take this sword with you when you head out on tactical and survival missions. Of course, when you are not needing to take this sword into battle, make sure to keep it sharp and ready to go with some sword maintenance supplies.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Designed by Angus Trim
  • Flush construction to minimize friction
  • Comes with a Molle-compatible scabbard
  • Great for tactical uses


  • Blade is 9260 spring steel
  • Handle is G10 fiberglass
  • Scabbard is fiberglass
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthBlade ThicknessPoint of BalanceEdge HardnessWeightSheath Fits Belts widthSheath Fits Belts Thickness
One Size28.25 inches18.5 inches8.25 inches0.16-0.24 inches2 inches56 HRC1 pound 14 ounces1.4 inches0.1 inches


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