Tatsu-Maki Katana


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Ominous clouds gather in the distance, thunder and lightning signifying just how close this torrent is. The fearsome dragon of legend escapes his prison, his catastrophic power pouring out in a cyclone from the Tatsu-Maki Katana. Hand crafted with T10 steel, the blade of this incredible sword features a distinct hamon style that reflects the awesome might of this powerful cyclone. With some modern materials, this katana features a strong build while maintaining its traditional make. The tsuka, or handle, is crafted from ray skin and wrapped in brown fabric with authentic style, matching beautifully with the sageo wrap and copper-colored lacquered saya, or scabbard. The saya features a traditional knob and endcap. All these details contrast sharply against the silver design of the tsuba, fuchi, and kashira which depict the mighty dragon in his thunderous form. Whether you decide to display this formidable piece or utilize its power, the Tatsu-Maki Katana is sure to impress upon others your glorious might!

T10 is the Chinese equivalent of 1095, but it has silicon added as an alloying element to improve the steels strength and wear resistance properties. T10 blades are able to be tempered to a high hardness and hold an edge well. Similar to 1095, rust resistance is low, and T10 blades must be carefully maintained.

Please keep in mind that this sword has been hand-forged, varying slightly in finish and overall measurements.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Hand crafted from durable materials
  • Incredible construction in traditional style
  • Ray skin handle with brown wrap
  • Comes with lacquered scabbard adorned with buffalo horn knob and cap
  • Fuchi, kashira, and tsuba feature dragon motif
  • Ideal for collection or use


  • Blade is crafted from T10 steel
  • Handle constructed from ray skin
  • Fuchi, tsuba, and kashira created from silver
  • Saya carved from wood
  • Knob and endcap crafted from buffalo horn
Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece
Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthWeightSori
One Size40.5 inches28 inches11.375 inches2 pounds 5 ounces0.875 inches


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